Explination of Cyberman Adventure #1

Some time back They were supposedly going to kill off Superman. To anyone  that knows me you can imagine that it didn't sit all that well with yours truly. This was ,by the way ,before the internet was anywhere near what it is now. Back then it was mostly a serries of Bulleton Boards maintained by various groups. I knew that there was no way I could print enough books to replace what was supposedly going to be lost when Superman  was discontinued but I had a plan. My bright Idea was to do the stories as slide shows so they would be easy to view on line. Seems all the denizons of the boards back then were constantly looking for new things to upload so they could continue to download other things they wanted. Kind of like kids trading base ball cards. So with that as a distribution plan I was starting to create some slide shows to keep my Childhood Hero alive. Of course by the time I got this far word was out that he was coming back. For those who don't know it was called the Byrne Re Boot. Not wanting all of this work on my part to go to waste I created my own hero and called him Cyberman on account of the news media constantly refering to what would become the internet as cyberspace. At this point in time I didn't know some of the other more Risque uses of the word cyber not having spent time on line. I've been advised since then that I should rename the character but I'm not going to pander to those with kinky minds. They can just get their minds out of the gutter and back up on the curb with the rest of us. He was created with the name and it will stay. Besides I am way too lazy to redraw it at this point in time. So if you are here in search of porn forget about it, you won't find any here. But if you want to see a nice clean G rated adventure and blast from the past click on the link below. If I get sufficent requests from readers other adventures will be forthcoming. BTW this was origonally created onan AMIGA 500 computer and has since been translated to more computer formats than even I can keep up with. So enjoy the show. 

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