Internet  Comunity  Project

 How it Came to Be

First off we are not now or will we ever be 1 of those self appointed internet vigilante policing groups. Noble as such groups intentions are when they start out they seem to have such a short shelf life that many will have come and gone by the time you finish reading this. One night a few friends ( all concerned parent / grand parent types me included ) were discussing the need for a truly safe place for our kids / grand kids to play on line. With all the BS some sites have with back doors , hidden links and other stuff too numerious to mention , it didn't take us long to figure out that the only place we could count on as being truly safe was 1 we made ourselves. This led to the creation of the KIDZ WORLD site. Since then 3 other sites have been added in as a sort of mini web ring of certified G-RATED sites. Once all the sites were up and running someone (and I can't remember who ) asked "What about something decent for the grownups as well." From this suggestion the idea of a real live functioning Internet Community grew. I don't have to tell folks who spend much time on line (especially in chat rooms) how close you can get to folks on line. You make friends in here you value every bit as much as the ones you have in the so called" REAL WORLD". So we now have some sites and other stuff for grownups as well as the kids. The Links to everything we have done so far are contained in The links section of the Unreality Lab Forum / Bulletin Board elsewhere on this site. Things being added as suggestions come in and time and skills permit. While the board has Links to everything for obvious reasons the Certified G Rated Sites only  link to each other. To date we have been doing all of this without any face to face contact. Everything has been done on line. But then that is kind of the point of an on line community isn't it ? Like the Good Book says " The fields are full and the laborers are few". So with this site and what it holds we are inviting you to join in if you want. We have a Non Yahoo Web TV compatible Chat Rooms, Guest Book on site and you are invited to put your comments etc  there . We also have a Yahoo group site annex (reachable through the site index page) where those that whish can sign up and become members of this project and receive group mailings.  We know that not all people have equal amounts of time or talent to invest in something like this but what ever you have to give (should you whish to volunteer it) we can sure use. Thank you for giving this a read and I look forward to your comments.


John D. Koen 

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